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It is hosted by The Endurance International Group Inc (Massachusetts, Burlington,) using Nginx web server. Handmade knitted keepsake baby clothing are a precious treasure to enjoy and hand down to future generations. Knitted baby clothes make a nice keepsake heirloom and a wonderful baby shower gift. Size: 9 - 12 months Measurements: To fit 19 1/2 - 20 inch chest.

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5th row: K 3, * k 2 tog, k 1, wl.fwd, k 5, wl.fwd, k 1, sl 1, k 1, pssso, k 5.

7th row: K 3, * k 2 tog, wl.fwd, k 7, wl.fwd, sl 1, k 1, psso, k 5.

Continue even in pattern until work measures approximately 9 inches from beginning, or desired length; ending with 8th pattern row. Repeat from * to last 9 sts, (K 2 tog) 4 times, k 1.

Bodice: 1st row - K 1, * (k 2 tog) 3 times, K 3 tog.

Leaving center 20 sts on st holder, with right side of work facing, join wool to remaining sts and work other side to correspond. 10 needles cast on 145 sts and work exactly as given for front until sts are cast off for armholes.

Shape Armholes: Cast off 4 sts beginning next 2 rows. Continue eve until bodice measures 4 1/4 inches ending with purl row. Continue even in stocking st until armhole measures 4 inches from first shaping. Shape Shoulder: At armhole edge, cast off 9 sts every alternate row twice.

Repeat from * to last 6 sts, inc 1 st in next st, k 5. Beginning with purl row, continue even in stocking st until bodice measures 1 1/2 inches, ending with purl row. Working on these 22 sts continue in stocking st, dec 1 st at nech edge every row to 18 sts on needle.

Difficulty: Easy to Intermediate Materials: Beehive Baby Wool, 4 (1 oz.

Repeat from * across row, ending last repeat with k 3 so that both edges of work will match.

Pattern: 1st row: K 3, * K 2 tog, k 3, = (wool "yarn" forward), k 1, wl.fwd, k 3, sl 1, k 1, psso, k 5.

3rd row: K 3, * k 2 tog, k 2, wl.fwd, k 3, wl.fwd, k 2, sl 1, k 1, psso, k 5.


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