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The demographics of Filipino Americans describe a heterogeneous group of people in the United States who can trace their ancestry to the Philippines.

As of the 2010 Census, there were 3.4 million Filipino Americans, including Multiracial Americans who were part Filipino, with the United States Department of State in 2011 estimating the population at 4 million.

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Filipino Americans can be found through out the United States, especially in the Western United States and metropolitan areas.

In California, Filipinos were initially concentrated in its Central Valley, especially in Stockton, but later shifted to Southern California and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Other states with significant populations of Filipinos include Hawaii, Illinois, Texas, and Washington.

The first recorded presence of Filipinos in what is now the United States dates to October 1587, with the first permanent settlement of Filipinos in what is now the United States being established in Louisiana in 1763.

Migration of significant numbers of Filipinos to the United States did not occur until the early 20th century, when the Philippines was an overseas territory of the United States.

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