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The birth was judged heretical by the Spanish Inquisition and she was burned with her child at the stake. hermaphrodite individuals to better understand this sex polymorphism. Here we investigate siring ability of pollen from male vs.

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Single pollen donor crosses allowed us to verify the male function of hermaphrodites.

However, pollen from hermaphrodites was much less proficient than male pollen, with males siring 10 times as many fruits in single donor pollination treatments.

This result was strengthened by the surprisingly low reproductive success of hermaphrodites in pollen competition conditions: of the 110 seedlings analyzed three were selfed and only one was sired by the hermaphrodite donor.

“I have never had any sexual experience with someone outside of myself.

I was unaware that I could impregnate myself, but I would never go back even with what I know now.

These children are beautiful and I am happy to share my life with them,” he told reporters.

An extremely rare chromosomal disorder Most experts believe such an occurrence is impossible outside of the animal kingdom, although many cases of human self-fertilization have been reported in medical literature, explains leading researcher Dr. The first account of self-fertilization in history is ascribed to Juanita Franciscella, a Spanish street artist also known as the “bearded woman of Castilla”, who in 1483 is said to have given birth to a child of her own conception.

“We are privileged to experience such an unusual birth” he told reporters, visibly happy with the turn of events.

“Hundreds of people have come to witness these miracles of nature.

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