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We live in an increasingly busy world, and sometimes it can feel like there is too much to read, whether it’s a barrage of memos and emails for work or the news stories, text messages and social media posts you encounter every day.

Some are still available via CD-ROM of the software, if you prefer.

Some users still prefer the "feel" of traditional software, much like some readers who prefer the tactile experience of turning the individual pages of a physical book versus swiping pages on an e Reader.

Additionally, universities, schools and other organizations typically are not interested in a speed reading app unless it is connected to pre-existing software.

Gaining skills that help you read faster can ultimately open up more time for you so you can get other tasks done more quickly.

It can also help you efficiently and enjoyably read that latest thriller or murder mystery that has been sitting on your nightstand for months.

Like so many other programs that are transitioning from traditional installed software to cloud-based, speed reading software is also in the midst of a transition.Most software gives you the option of downloading it to your computer, though some can be accessed via a web browser.Along with learning to read faster and comprehending more material, high school students can benefit from using ACT/SAT prep software to help them prep for college entrance exams.Together, speed reading software and ACT/SAT prep software make for efficient studying and subject comprehension.For more information on speed reading software methods and features, check out our articles on speed reading software.Most available speed reading software comes with a variety of exercises, tests and eye-strengthening trainings designed to help you reduce bad habits while working to improve your reading fluidity and overall comprehension.


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