Teenagers face dangers dating violence

I don't have a single friend who has never had a drink of alcohol. It seems to me that adults are generally quite indifferent to what their children do.

Once you reach the age of sixteen or seventeen, your parents think you are old enough to decide for yourself and let you do what you want.

It's true that there are so many problems facing teens today.

My friends and I try to help each other if we can, because a lot of the time, being a teenager isn't fun. You have to go to school and your parents want you to get good grades, which are hard enough in itself, and you have to deal with your own problems too. Social events such as discos and parties are a very popular conversation topic among teenagers.

Where I live teenagers have few dangers, but even in my town kids can get alcohol easily. At school, politics are discussed quite a lot but along with this there are conversations about boyfriends, girlfriends, and plans for the weekend ahead.

I feel also that the majority of boys are football-mad and the girls are very conscious of their appearance and clothes.

I focus more attention on doing my work than on impressing a cute guy.

But when I go out on weekends there is a lot of pressure to drink and smoke.

There are no teen clubs close to where I live so weekend activities are limited.

My friends and I don't do anything exciting, but we usually have fun just being around each other. On the other hand, we also talk about serious things like abortion, sex, and politics. My view is that if they want to, then they can-it's their life, they are free to decide and nobody can forbid them to do what they want.

Teenagers today have a lot more to worry about than their parents ever did. Violence, teen pregnancy, and AIDS cases are increasing.

More and more teens are turning to drugs and alcohol.

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