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Come visit with the IDNR at the Illinois State Fair!Free activities for children and families will give State Fair visitors a chance to sample the great outdoors in Illinois at Conservation World.Conservation World is a 30-acre park with grass, shade trees, and ponds located on the northwest corner of the Illinois State Fairgrounds.

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IDNR stocked 2000, 5-inch Northern Pike in the North Shore Channel in May and another 2090 at the end of June.

The Pike stocking is part of a plant re-introduction project in Chicago Area Waterways (CAWS).

Although water quality has improved in CAWS, habitat remains a limiting factor in many areas of the system.

Friends of the Chicago River, in partnership with the IDNR, received a grant from the Chi Cal River Fund to install native emergent vegetation in the North Shore Channel and the North Branch of the Chicago River as habitat for fish and other aquatic species, which creates stands of high-quality habitat for aquatic organisms, protects the shoreline from bank erosion, creates shelter for aquatic life during floods, and improves the aesthetics of the channel for recreational users.

Northern Pike, a fish species associated with aquatic vegetation, will take advantage of the new habitat and provide opportunities for urban anglers.

Thanks to our fine hatchery staff for providing these beautiful, healthy fish.

IFish Illinois strives to be your one-stop, go-to site for fishing in Illinois waters.

With records dating back to prehistoric years, this species had not been seen in the state since the last documented Alligator Gar catch in the Cache River cutoff channel in southern Illinois in 1966.

Alligator Gar were officially declared extinct in Illinois in the 1990s. This campaign initiated the nationwide vote to provide families and outdoor enthusiasts with a recommended list of the best family-friendly places to experience the joys of boating and fishing as the weather warms up around the country.

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