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format is coming to Facebook Pages, and you have until March 30th to figure it out.If you’re lost and you don’t know what Timeline is or how it works, don’t worry—I’m here to break it down and make it easy for you to understand. Because Facebook is still huge for online business, blogging and driving a ton of traffic.

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I will continually add more useful snippets over time.

After copying and pasting, please don’t forget to replace my own links with your own.

😉 HTML to Show an Image Another new feature of Timeline for Pages, however, is the ability for fans of your page to directly and privately message the administrator(s) of that page.

Below you’ll find a number of videos, resources, snippets of codes and links, to help you work your way around Timeline.

I will continually add more videos, tips and tricks—so please bookmark this post for future reference. If you’re brand new to Timeline for Facebook Pages, the video below will walk you through the most important elements of Timeline that you need to understand before diving in.

As mentioned in the video, I have provided a Photoshop slice file (.psd) that will allow you to create a cover image, a profile pic and application thumbnails from one continuous image or photo, which is not required to use, but many will find useful.

Instructions are included in the PSD file (1.9mb) below: Click here to use the Timeline Slicer Web Application version of the PSD file, which doesn’t require any type of software except a web browser. from income PRESS for taking my PSD file to the next level and making it more widely usable.

With Timeline, Facebook got rid of the default landing page option.

This is sad because I used a landing page since day 1 to better engage my audience and encourage new visitors to like my page and become a fan.

With that said, you can still create a landing page using the links to specific tabs.

Watch the video below for a more detailed, step-by-step walkthrough: As mentioned in the video, here are some helpful snippets of code you can copy and paste into your own html content areas.

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