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At first, he is reluctant to accept the job, but eventually accepts.

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While Fritz hesitates at first to take the job, he ultimately does and retires from the FBI for the job.

According to Taylor, by that point Fritz had been with the FBI long enough that he could retire with full benefits.

Having retired from the FBI after 27 years, Howard is offered the rank of Deputy Chief, in charge of the Special Operations Bureau.

He was appointed to the rank of Deputy Chief by Assistant Chief Russell Taylor to oversee the Special Operations Bureau when he retired from the F. She is told she will not be able to obtain DNA results from the LAPD for many weeks, so she contacts associates at the F. From this moment onwards, Fritz goes on to provide the Major Crimes Division (formerly the Priority Homicide Division) access to F. His adherence to policy causes him great annoyance by the squad with Lt.

three years prior to Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson's arrival. At the start of The Closer, Fritz is introduced as an old friend of Brenda's during her first case (Pilot). Fritz notices that the results are for Brenda and personally delivers them. However, this causes some friction between Fritz and Brenda and he stops giving her squad special treatment when his colleagues start making fun of him (Homewrecker). In "Do Not Disturb", Fritz is shown to be worried about politics while investigating a murder connected to an Indian diplomat.

I., Fritz often acts as liaison agent, much to the amusement of the detectives.During the raid, the hostages were rescued and Fritz shot the suspect who was firing at them with a submachine gun. Fritz insisted on leading the charge with SWAT instead of Andy Flynn, telling him to trust him as he could do "what needs to be done here". I and worked as part of their Organized and Serial Crimes Unit based in Los Angeles. During "Two Options", Fritz works side-by-side with the LAPD to rescue two kidnapped children and their mother from the husband, who had kidnapped the three and murdered his parents who were in witness protection. However, when the diplomat goes too far, Fritz loses his temper and threatens to have him deported despite threats to his job. Provenza making snide comments about looking for clues and Fritz kissing the diplomat's ass.


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