Video sexchatting for phones

He was " wanking " his life out in the video and because of how fast I had to end the call would have maybe recorded the video with another phone but on another thought I wonder who would really want to see how disgusting he looks down there.

Have had several experience very weird one on Facebook but not like this..was just the height.

Am purposely not blurring out his name because I later found out that this same guy had done same thing with a friend of mine too on facebook...infact she was with bae whe he called her (lmao) , I can imagine the shock on her face.

People chat now has created this room so video gamers can chat about the latest walk through, latest cheat or whatever in games you desire.

In other words treat others the way you want to be treated. NO sex chatting in the room or asking for emails and phone numbers in chat. We do have moderators but you can't they can't always be here. Anyone trying to hack or spam these room will result in being banned. If your not registered make sure you register so others can see your pictures and a little about you.

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I was on Facebook last week and I decided to review my friend request...while doing that I saw a request from a dark cute guy and out of curiosity I decided to accept, the thing is I can get obessed with cute guys at times (lol).

So please if you know him kindly tell him to "go get a life" a fast one at that and he should note not everyone subscribe to such things. I was just on facebook , browsing for free on my airtel free basics plans as i was checking news feed, all these click like for Jesus or die or say amen and get visa to kualua lumpur posts filled my Tl...

I was angry and decided to visit my requests which was almost 200 mostly from girls and old sugar mummies.... And there was her Unclad unclothedness in my front.... I rushed to check her profile to see if she is actually the one and to my suprise, the Unclad belonged to her...I was accepting requests and denying some and approved almost 13 for that day... However the weirdest thing was that all her posts were either bible quotes, Motivational quotes or sharing church posts from her church coza....Immediately I accepted, I was back to checking my timeline on facebook when the vidoe call came up. I was surprised and was just curious and expecting something strange but not as weird as I got because honestly Facebook is the last place I had do video call (like seriously).Wthout even saying hi or any form of greeting he requested a video call, like seriously who does that? Hmmmn I thought before accepting it and after the second call I decided to pick only to get the surprise of my life. I thought I was seeing double or I had click on something else or so..look on my face was like (wtf is this) so I ended the call in anger, I was actually thinking and wondering what was wrong.So I went back yo check his profile,he looks cool and kind of reserved especially his old pictures. He called back again repeating the same thing he was doing in the previous video by this time I knew the guy was probably high on something (maybe ugwu leaves or diluted urine).Okay this was what he did in the video and I I got a screenshot from the conversation before he blocked me when I dished it out to him in a way he didn't expect.


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