What is the dating scene like in nyc

Vibrant, energetic and exciting, it is one of the best city to find a date but also one of the most difficult ones. Despite a large dating pool made of people from different horizons, the fast-pace life, the self-centeredness, the desire for independence, the drive to focus on a successful career… Now, here are a few general things to know and date by if you decide to settle in the Big Apple and take a bite of its dating odds. (Did you know that NY was the hardest marrying state in the USA?!!

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Sometimes, when in the same borough, if the ride is too long or requires a transfer, they can seriously reconsider the date. Some will hop on the subway only if it’s worth it (depending on how good-looking and interesting the date is).

To crown it all, boroughs stereotypes are deeply rooted in New Yorkers’ minds.

That’s why, here, you are more likely to be defined by your neighborhood.

NY singles need to go out there, try online dating, bars & lounges, singles’ events, Whole Foods Stores…So, meet new people, make connections and practice your dating game.

NYC is definitely the place to meet people randomly, even in the least expected places. Don’t wait around for a person you’re interested in to make the first step.

There are 8 million people in NYC (half of which are unmarried); so if you see somebody that you like while exercising, shopping, partying… It can be you’re only chance at establishing contact and maybe find the love of your life. You can actually go from being romantically involved with somebody to receiving a simple break-up text from that same person.They won’t see any issue not calling you back after a few dates without even giving you an explanation or a heads-up…In some cases, if they are not satisfied with a date, they can dump her and go on to the next one without any remorse.It’s a proven fact NY single females are very selective and have high standards. Be ready to play along and match their standards (or prove them that it’s worth lowering their standards for you). Recent studies have shown that Brooklyn women are the pickiest online daters in the USA (with the lowest response rates) and that the New Yorkers are the most demanding, when it comes to personals ads.In this new era of dating apps like Tinder, Dapper…. They no longer want to wait for weeks to get to know each other or go through the lengthy conversations, which will eventually sparking unexplainable feelings and nurturing the mystery of imagining the first date. They want to make sure they are not wasting their time. As a matter of fact, 25% of New Yorkers would not date outside their borough.Even if it’s just for a “30 minute-ride”, “long-distance dating” can be challenging for some city dwellers.


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