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As a single parent, it can be tough making a living and raising children at the same time. Single parents are those who are divorced or in other cases were never …Children and teenagers feel social pressure to conform to the group of peers with whom they socialize.

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Peer groups are usually cliques of friends who are about the same age.

Peer pressure can begin in early childhood with children trying to get other kids to play the games they want.

It generally increases through childhood and reaches its intensity in the preteen and teen years.

Virtually all adolescents in middle and high school deal with peer pressure, often on a daily basis.

In children ages eleven to fourteen, it is most common for members of these cliques to be of the same sex.

Children will spend a lot of time with friends in their clique, interacting by going to the movies or the mall, talking on the telephone, or chatting online with instant messaging.

They know which kids belong to particular cliques and who the loners are.

It is how children and teens learn to get along with others of their own age group and eventually learn how to become independent.

Depending on the group trying to apply the influence, peer pressure can be negative or positive.


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