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“Granite Mountain” is really shaping up to have quite the cast.

Mac Dowell joins a cast that already includes Jennifer Connelly, Josh Brolin, Miles Teller, Taylor Kitsch, James Badge Dale, Jeff Bridges and Scott Haze.

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Although more than 600 firefighters fought the blaze, the film will focus largely on the 20-man crew known as the Granite Mountain Hotshots, who were part of the City of Prescott firefighters. The large loss of life on the team made it the deadliest wildfire since 1991 and the biggest loss of firefighters since September 11.

It was the sixth-deadliest American firefighter disaster overall.

Ken Nolan (“Black Hawk Down”) and Eric Warren Singer wrote the screenplay for the film.

Connelly won the 2002 Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role in “A Beautiful Mind.” She was most recently seen in “Noah” with Russell Crowe and Anthony Hopkins, as well as “Shelter” with Anthony Mackie.

She will be seen next in Ewan Mc Gregor‘s feature directorial debut “American Pastoral.” Brolin has recently appeared in films such as “Everest,” “Sicario” and “Hail, Caesar!

” He also just finished work on the film “The Legacy of the Whitetail Deer Hunter” with Danny Mc Bride.

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