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Her sister Jodie, 33, said: ‘She was an amazing girl, she was so pretty and had everything to live for.

Bernie loved life, was an adventurous traveller and had just started her own business doing teeth whitening.

We are devastated, and can’t comprehend this terrible, terrible tragedy.’ Miss Lee said her sister had travelled from her home in Canterbury, Kent, to a friend’s flat where they had all got ready for a night out on Saturday.

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Drinking alcohol is another major contributor, says Joe Mulligan, head of first aid education at the British Red Cross.

'Alcohol widens the blood vessels, so more blood - and therefore heat - goes to the surface of the skin and is lost from the body.'In fact, the moderate stage of alcohol intoxication is similar to the intermediate stages of hypothermia and are often confused,' he explains.

The Instagram user has several photos posted of popular adult actors and actresses before, during and after make up has transformed the performers into what you’re *ahem* used to seeing on camera.

I want to know who left her there.‘One of the friends Bernadette was out with came to see me yesterday.

She said she felt so guilty because Bernadette had called her after they’d got separated, but she’d been arguing with her boyfriend and hadn’t answered.

Hundreds of friends left messages on a Facebook tribute page.

Her half-brother Luke wrote: ‘I was closer to you than anyone on this earth, words could never be enough to describe how proud mum and I were of the beautiful person you’d become.

Miss Lee said: ‘We were all having a good time and having quite a few drinks, but I thought she was staying with her friend as all her clothes were there.

I came home but had lost my door key so went to stay with a friend.


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