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Hi All, Today i am going to share a tool which I liked most and easy to use.I was searching for a tool which can download videos easily from me.

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Watch the video is filled with leading thinkers in big data, machine learning, AI, and open-source technologies.

Join us, and get their insights and technical expertise as they discuss real-world challenges and innovative solutions emerging across data science.

Here’s a sample of some of the speakers you’ll see—and what they’ll be talking about: Rafal will discuss the business opportunity of advanced analytics and the new landscape of data.

He’ll speak about data science in practice and the cloud-based Cortana Intelligence Suite, especially Azure Machine Learning and the pros and cons of a variety of data storage approaches.

Whether it’s called data science, machine learning, or predictive analytics, the combination of new data sources and statistical modeling has produced some truly revolutionary applications.

Many of these applications incorporate open-source technologies and research from academic institutions.In his talk, David will share a few of the ways Microsoft is improving the lives of people around the world—and in particular, people with disabilities—by applying statistics, research, and open-source software in applications and devices.Get faster insights with a complete data platform that speeds up how you access and analyze all types of data.With Microsoft’s data management solutions and online transaction processing (OLTP), it’s easy to connect every user in your organization to the data they need to make better decisions, faster.Data warehouse Manage structured and unstructured data with a trusted infrastructure that can scale from terabytes to petabytes, with real-time insights.Learn more about our solutions for data warehousing and big data By migrating mission-critical databases to Microsoft SQL Server 2014 and taking advantage of In-Memory OLTP, Dell has sped the performance by up to nine times, which has doubled the throughput capabilities and will cut operational costs.

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