Your doorman is intimidating

This 15 year-old blind teenager has to deal with the jealousy of his friend Giovana while figuring out the new feelings he's having towards his new friend, Gabriel.High school senior Ben secretly lusts after bad boy classmate Johnny.After Ben gives Johnny a ride home one night, the boys end up in Johnny's swimming pool and have an encounter that breaks the rules and blows Ben's mind.

Surrounded by hard bodies of both sexes and instructed by his boss to keep an ...

See full summary » Best friends Szabolcs and Bernard are playing in the same German football team.

After a lost game, Szabolcs decides to go home to Hungary where he meets another boy, Áron with whom they ...

Will and Leung are pals, searching the woods of Hampstead Heath for botanical material Leung needs for a school class. See full summary » Lawrence Jefferies and Hugh Greerey have just met.

They both have had girlfriends in the past...they're both straight.

Thirteen or so minutes later, however, something's happened and things have changed.

Justin, a 17-year old entering his final year of high school, gets a job as a life guard at a fitness center.

Saleem, an Indian student living in Leeds with his parents, meets Daz in a gay cruising spot, and they have a night of mutually enjoyable sex.

Saleem is nonetheless ashamed of what he has done but, on leaving the next day, does turn round to smile at Daz.

Olle, an introverted, well-mannered boy with an air of innocence and sincerity about him has been camping with his father at the same camping ground with several other people for years now....

See full summary » The arrival of a new student in school changes Leonardo's life.

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