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We’ve not seen any of the reports.” Dr Wilcox acknowledged that further investigations needed to take place before the inquest, but said that she had “quite a lot of sympathy for the impatience” of Richards’ family and that progress needed to be made.The two inquests will be heard by the same jury over two weeks at the Royal Courts of Justice.Dr Wilcox said: “As time has gone on I’ve become less convinced they need to be linked, but at the same time I believe it would be good.” She added that the inquest into Mr Pearson's death in March 2014 would be heard first to avoid “confusion”.

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A Putney woman’s scheme to help Londoners find love – or just spread a little happiness - launched last weekend.

Kate Bygraves used money left for her when her dad died to set up Cards for Smiles, which sees people handing out cards containing compliments to men or women who catch their eye.

The compliment cards contain phrases such as ‘you’re stunning’ or ‘you made me smile’, which can be handed to a recipient who then is able to input a unique code into the Cards for Smiles website and see the profile and get into contact with the person who gave it to them.

At a pre-inquest review at The Royal Courts of Justice today Richards’ family’s representative Jude Bunting said relatives were yet to see key documentation—not linked to the coroner’s investigation—including reports from the Metropolitan Police and Wandsworth Prison.

He said: “There is a mounting, great frustration on my clients’ behalf.

We are two years since Mr Richards’ death and we are still no closer to an inquest.

“We’re not in a position to assist you any further today.

A date for the inquest of a Chessington man who raped a pensioner has finally been seen set nearly two years after his death.

Robert Richards, 22, was found unresponsive in his Wandsworth prison cell on July 29, 2014, days before he was due to be sentenced for raping and trying to murder a woman in her 70s.

Richards, father-of-one and labourer, later died at St George's Hospital in Tooting.

The original inquest in July of last year was stopped after senior coroner Fiona Wilcox called for a formal investigation into the number of deaths at Wandsworth, which was three times more than expected during 2014. Read more: Inquest of rapist who tried to murder pensioner halted as coroner calls for probe into 10 other prison deaths Read more: Chessington rapist Robert Richards 'bullied in prison' before suspected suicide Read more: "Year of hell": Parents of Chessington rapist Robert Richards have historic sex abuse case against them dropped due to lack of evidence The date for a new inquest into his death and that of his cellmate Ian Pearson, 42, who died at the prison, has been set for Monday, March 27 next year.

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